What to know about concussion?

Concussion is a type of disease which affects the head and its internal parts. It is more common in adults and many children. A direct injury to the blood vessels and the nerves is the most common cause of the concussion. Also, disturbing the function of the brain and head injury also leads to concussion. […]

Laryngomalacia within Infants as well as ChildrenvSometimes,

whenever a baby comes into the world, parents may notice the loud, “squeaky” sound once the baby breathes. Or maybe the medical center nursery personnel notices issues with a baby’s breathing together with noisy inhaling and exhaling, sufficient to maintain the infant inpatient before cause is actually discovered. Almost all cases associated with laryngomalacia tend […]

MicroBirth documentary – How healthy will your children be?

I have a daughter with Multiple Sclerosis, just one of the non-communicable diseases currently being attributed to the circumstances of a child’s birth. A new documentary, partly funded by an Indiegogo funding campaign, called MICROBIRTH has been completed and is launched worldwide today. (September 20, 2014). It presents evidence that will change the way we […]